Sentence Examples

  • I For the abbreviation, cf.
  • As implied by its name, which may be translated " the narrow places," Uzhitse is built in a narrow and lonely glen amongst the south-western moun t Perhaps a mistake or an abbreviation for Aram.
  • Collections formed by a certain nobleman who had travelled in Eastern Europe, Western Asia and Egypt - possible Breidenbach, an account of whose travels in the Levant was printed at Mentz in 1486 - it is really a medical treatise, and its zoological portion is mainly an abbreviation of the writings of Albertus Magnus, with a few interpolations from Isidorus of Seville (who flourished in the beginning of the 7th century, and was the author of many works highly esteemed in the middle ages) and a work known as Physiologus.
  • Again we have two recensions S' and S 2, but the one may be on the whole reasonably described-as an abbreviation of the other.
  • The deficiencies of the Greek symbolism were partially remedied; subtraction was denoted by placing a dot over the subtrahend; multiplication, by placing bha (an abbreviation of bhavita, the product ") after the factors; division, by placing the divisor under the dividend; and square root, by inserting ka (an abbreviation of karana, irrational) before the quantity.

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