Sentence Examples

  • Was the deceit worth it for their sake?
  • He was reckless and unstable, resorting often to lying and deceit, and never pausing to count the cost of an enterprise or troubling to adapt means to ends.
  • 23), a philosophy which is empty deceit (ii.
  • Man seeks to influence his fellow men in various ways, by intimidation, by deceit, by bribery; and it is quite natural to find the same ideas in the sphere of religion.
  • Thou mayest be to all who take thee health of body and soul; that wherever thou art sprinkled every phantasy and wickedness and wile of diabolic deceit may flee and leave that place, and every unclean spirit"; a prayer to God for the blessing of the salt follows; then the "creature of water" is exorcized, "that thou mayest become exorcized water for the purpose of putting to flight every power of the enemy, that thou mayest avail to uproot and expel this enemy with all his apostate angels, by the virtue of the same our Lord Jesus Christ, &c."; and again a prayer to God follows that the water may "become a creature in the service of His mysteries, for the driving out of demons, &c."

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