Sentence Examples

  • The greenback issue, the troubles growing out of reconstruction in the South, the Credit Mobilier and the "Salary Grab," disgusted thousands of independent voters and sent a wave of Democracy over the country.
  • Leon was identified with the interests of the democracy of Nicaragua, Granada with the clerical and aristocratic parties.
  • In accordance with this scheme Pericles sought to educate the whole community to political wisdom by giving to all an active share in the government, and to train their aesthetic tastes by making accessible the best drama and music. It was most unfortunate that the Peloponnesian War ruined this great project by diverting the large supplies of money which were essential to it, and confronting the remodelled Athenian democracy, before it could dispense with his tutelage, with a series of intricate questions of foreign policy which, in view of its inexperience, it could hardly have been expected to grapple with successfully.
  • On the fall of Demetrius Phalereus and the restoration of the democracy by Demetrius Poliorcetes, Dinarchus was condemned to death and withdrew into exile at Chalcis in Euboea.
  • The democracy of Australia is very similar to the democracy of the United States.

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