Sentence Examples

  • With immigrants called together from all Greece, as we learn from a psephisma passed by "boule and demos" of this town in 206 in honour of Magnesia on the Maeander (Kern, Inschriften von Magnesia am Maeander, No.
  • The four Ionic tribes at Athens seem to have answered very closely to the three patrician tribes at Rome; but the Athenian demos grew up in a different way from the Roman plebs.
  • If we could believe that the Athenian demos arose out of the union of the 1 See further Athens: History, and Eupatridae.
  • Other Attic towns with Athens, this would be an exact analogy to the origin of the Roman plebs; the EU7raTplOat would be the Athenians and the demos the Atticans ('Argo w°).
  • Such hints as we have, while they set before us, just as at Rome, a state of things in which small landed proprietors are burthened with debt, also set before us the Attic demos as, largely at least, a body of various origins which had grown up in the city.

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