Sentence Examples

  • We've not even discussed the woman among ourselves, instead leaving time to dictate the direction the wind will carry this matter.
  • Howie recoiled at the sound of the shot and continued to dictate as the intruder fell to the ground clutching his leg, his hand drenched in blood.
  • Fear didn't dictate her mood—it was a sense of resignation and total helplessness, as if she'd been sucked into a black hole of bureaucracy where she'd remain forever.
  • For a reason that facts, circumstances, and common sense didn't dictate, Dean rose early, in a splendid mood, rushed through dawn's-light chores, and still had hours to kill.
  • There's only a few who get the chance to do exactly what they want to, and they'd better grab it and run before responsibilities tie 'em up in knots and circumstances dictate their life for them.

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