Sentence Examples

  • My understanding was limited to knowing zero degrees latitude began at the equator and increased to ninety degrees at the poles.
  • The Pine-grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator) inhabits the coniferzone of both the Old and the New Worlds, seeking, in Europe and probably elsewhere, a lower latitude as winter approaches - often journeying in large flocks; stragglers have occasionally reached the British Islands (Yarrell, Br.
  • Gives the annual variation of the potential gradient at a number of stations arranged according to latitude, the mean value for the whole year being taken in each case as too.
  • Gives the mean diurnal variation for the whole year at a number of stations arranged in order of latitude, the mean from the 24 hourly values being taken as loo.
  • - The great extent of Argentina in latitude - about 33° - and its range in altitude from sea-level westward to the permanently snow-covered peaks of the Andes, give it a highly diversified climate,, which is further modified by prevailing winds and mountain barriers..

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