Sentence Examples

  • The great work that is going on is the simplification of the facts to be explained by grouping them under empirical laws; and the most general statement relating to these that can yet be made is that no single one of these laws has as yet shown signs of taking rank as a vera causa comparable with the Darwinian principle of natural selection.
  • Vera (Berlin, 1868).
  • 469) in North Germany; and in 1536 he wrote a preface to Gardiner's De vera Obedientia, which asserted the royal, denied the papal, supremacy, and was received with delight by the Lutherans.
  • The Metaphysica vera (1691), and the IvcA vEavrOv, sive Ethica (under the pseudonym "Philaretus," 1675), are the works by which he is chiefly known.
  • Mention may also be made of Physica vera (1688), Logica restituta (1662) and Annotata in Principia philosophiae R.

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